Explore the Top 5 'Must-See' Views in Queenstown Accessible Only by Car

It's no surprise that the Queenstown region is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges and deep blue lakes and rivers with panoramic views at almost every corner. If you've read our other blog, 'Do You Need A Car To Get Around Queenstown?' you'll know that some of the best parts of Queenstown are only accessible by car (or at least much easier to reach by car). Lucky for you, our team has compiled a list of 5 of the must-see things by car!

1. Wye Creek: A team favorite, Wye Creek is a great option for those seeking a short hike with views of Lake Wakatipu and Ben Lomond. It's a 45-minute walk from the car park up to the platform, located just past Jack's Point on the way to Kingston. Only a 15-minute drive from Frankton.

2. Lake Alta: Known for its appearance in "Lord of the Rings," Lake Alta offers gorgeous views year-round, particularly stunning in spring to autumn (winter is ski season, so check for restrictions here). Just a 15-minute drive from Frankton and worth the winding road up!

3. Queenstown Hill: While this iconic viewpoint is walkable from town centre, having a car cuts out the steepest part of the journey, in our opinion. Only a 5-minute drive from town, this is a Queenstown must-do for anyone visiting.

4. Bob's Cove: This bucket list spot offers stunning views of Lake Wakatipu and surrounding mountains, just a 15-minute drive from town on the way to Glenorchy. A must-do for any first-timer and best to go by car.

5. Moke Lake: Surrounded by mountains, Moke Lake is breathtaking on a clear day, with mirrored waters and an easy walking path. Just 15 minutes from Queenstown town centre on the way to Glenorchy, this spot is a must-see!

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